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Eyes on a CURE OM
Eyes on a CURE OM


Thanks for visiting our team page for Eyes on a Cure.  Ocular Melanoma is personal to all of us.  While "OM" is the most common type of eye cancer, it is still considered rare with only about 2500 people diagnosed each year in the US. The majority of those diagnosed have light eyes and are of a northern European background. At least 50% of those diagnosed will have it metastasize within the first couple of years. There is NO CURE. Many of our OM friends have succumbed to this disease. Unlike with other cancers OM is not one that we can ever say we're free from. We have a number of friends who were diagnosed with metastasis 18, 22, and 23 years after their initial diagnosis. Did we mention, there is NO CURE.

Many of us have dedicated much of our time to helping raise awareness and funds in an effort to find a cure. Much of the funding for research comes directly from patients, caregivers, and family members. CURE OM has funded over $1.5 million in research since it's inception in 2011. Unprecedented in the world of ocular melanoma. Since "OM" is a rare disease there is limited to no government funding for research. That's why we need your help. Help us raise the much needed funds to support research.

Thanks to an incredible team of OM Warriors, our EYES ON A CURE OM team has raised more than $50,000 over the last 4 years. Please consider joining our team and/or making a donation. Together we can help find a cure.


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