2019 Miles for Melanoma New Jersey

We Love Andy

Hello Family and Friends,

The King Women are still standing strong in our efforts to raise awareness and find a cure for melanome. We continue to honor the memory of one of the most amazing people we have been privileged to know, Andy King.

Eleven years ago we lost Andy to melanoma. While it is hard to believe that so much time has passed, we still feel his presence everyday. Since Andy's passing we have committed ourselves to raising funds and awareness to fight this beast of a disease.

Treatments have come a long way since our journey with melanoma began, but there is still a long road ahead of us. With your support we can continue to raise both funds to support treatments that will lead us to a cure and awareness so that we can reduce the number of people affected by this disease.

Andy was one of those special people, and those of us who knew him best, know that he was the kindest, funniest, most stubborn, most sarcastic, and most giving person that we knew.

We would like to ask you to please help us honor his memory and celebrate his life by giving to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

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