2020 Miles for Melanoma Memphis Locally Presented by Memphis Dermatology

Brittany's Believers

Hey, friends. Many of you know that at the beginning of this year my sister, Brittany, passed away after a year-long battle against stage IV melanoma that spread to the brain. Melanoma is the deadliest and fastest growing form of skin cancer. What most people don't know, however, is that a very rare form of melanoma can start inside the body, usually in the eyes or under the nails, and can spread internally before you ever show any signs of sickness. That's what the doctors believed happened to my sister, and her life literally changed overnight. She fought with every ounce of her being, but she was ultimately called home on February 11, 2019.

As my sister's tumors were on several portions of her brain, she lost her ability to walk, and I feel like running in this race is the perfect way to honor her and all of the motor functions she lost. The race is a 5k, and I have created a team, for both running and fundraising, called Brittany's Believers. It is 100% in honor of my sister and her battle against this awful cancer.

While melanoma has made significant strides in terms of research, available treatment options, and even survivability in the past few years, it is still significantly lacking in research as one of the most aggressive cancers out there. Between now and August 3, 2019, I am seeking donations and race participants to the Melanoma Research Fund in honor of my sister. I BELIEVE there is a cure to cancer, and, together, we can all be Brittany's Believers.

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