2024 Chicago Miles for Melanoma

Team Beating the Beast for Bob - 2023
Team Beating the Beast for Bob - 2023

Beating the Beast for Bob

On December 17th, 2017, we lost an incredible man to this deadly disease.  He stoically battled the disease for almost 7 years.  He was a great husband, father, brother-in-law, uncle, son-in-law, and friend, and there is a huge hole in our lives because of his loss.  He was a quick witted, kind-hearted, strong, unassuming, humble man, and we all miss him every single day!

This is our 11th year participating in this event, and our goal is to raise awareness for early detection, as a well as funds for the Melanoma Research Foundation.  With the help of the MRF, there are new treatments being developed and people are living longer with the disease.  Little did we know that a mole on his upper thigh would turn out to be stage 3 Melanoma. People that have not been impacted, or know of someone that has been impacted by Melanoma, do not understand how important it is to monitor your skin, and visit a dermatologist annually for a full body skin examination.  

Please consider joining our team or making a donation, If you cannot do either of those, please please make sure you go in for a yearly skin exam and read the Melanoma Fact Sheet below.  It could save your life. 

Thank you!

Team Beating the Beast for Bob

MRF's 2023 Melanoma Fact Sheet (flippingbook.com)

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