About #GetNaked

#GetNaked is the MRF’s early detection campaign designed to raise awareness about melanoma and the importance of being proactive—instead of reactive—about your health. Catching melanoma early can save your life.

The MRF is asking you to:

  1. #GetNaked and check your skin for new or changing spots. You know what your “normal” is. Find out how to perform a skin check on yourself and if you see something funny or different, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

  2. Talk to others. Melanoma isn’t shy so you shouldn’t be either. Anyone can get melanoma, no matter their age, gender or race. Take the #GetNaked pledge and ask the people you care about to take the pledge with you.

  3. Get involved. Did you know that there are nearly one million people living with melanoma in the U.S.? Despite this alarming number, skin cancer—including melanoma—remains the most underfunded of all cancers by federal and private agencies. By becoming an MRF Advocate, you will help us raise the public profile of melanoma and influence key decision-makers to take action!